Theory of change
At Mentors Without Borders, we believe that global poverty can be eradicated much faster if young people from disadvantaged backgrounds become passionate professionals. To make this happen, we need to do two things:
  1. Connect these young people with dedicated professionals who specialize in modern fields and can mentor them.
  2. Teach them how to develop the patience, joy and determination necessary to pursue and achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

Connecting with passionate professionals

To help underprivileged youth connect with dedicated professionals, we are opening training centers in developing countries worldwide (we have already started in Africa, partnering with local volunteer organizations). We will equip these centers with reliable power, computers, and good internet access, and we will connect the students who come to our centers with professionals from large companies who will regularly schedule remote lessons to teach them essential 21st century skills.

Each training center can quickly become self-sufficient because the companies providing remote mentors also donate funds based on the mentoring hours their employees contribute.

Drive to achieve ambitious goals

In addition to the regular lessons our students have with their remote mentors, the staff at our centers teach them how to set clear professional goals, gradually build detailed plans to achieve these goals, and enjoy the process of taking the necessary steps.

They do this using three very simple but extremely powerful exercises:
After mastering this training methodology, our students can teach it in local school clubs, helping younger students achieve ambitious educational goals, which will eventually lead them to become passionate professionals as well. As these students stand out from their peers in terms of results, motivation, and enjoyment of learning, we can attract the attention of education ministries worldwide, making it increasingly compelling for them to implement our training methodology in schools and universities on a large scale.

Further support for the MWB alumni

The MWB staff can also help our alumni find international scholarships and connect with companies that might hire them. To track their progress, we ask our alumni to fill out online forms each year and send them to us.

Ultimately, the more passionate and ambitious professionals we have in the world, the faster we can achieve global economic prosperity, and at the same time we will greatly expand our knowledge and understanding of our world and the universe.