Testimonials - Students

I personally love the sessions with Ujjwall, I always look forward to Saturdays because I know that I will be picking a new concept. I am personally impressed by how he explains the concepts related to data and how willing he is to accept questions and always ready to help.

The documents he shared on relaxation and super focus for example have been very useful to me. I am noticing a difference already.

I feel I am getting closer to my goal and I am slowly growing in confidence with regards to data science.

I really enjoy learning with mentors from MWB. They are so nice and really understanding of the student that is not familiar or really did not know anything yet about the codes that we're learning here. And with their guidance, I slowly but surely am getting closer to achieving my goals. Thank you, MWB!

Puspa Bahari
- Solve Education!

Dear Mentors Without Borders, you people are truly amazing, very professional, focused and compassionate. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate the learning process with my mentor Raghavendra which is taking me get closer to my goal of becoming a game developer at the end. Thank you!

Amos Kerio
- Learning Lions Kenya

Virtual learning at it's best. SI4DEV linking me to Mentors Without Borders has been pivotal in gaining clarity in my tech journey. With the assistance of my mentor, I am now paving a path for myself in data analysis.

Ruke Ejegreh
- SI4DEV Nigeria

Learning can sometimes be like impossible especially when it is gotten from wrong hands. A great pleasure to have a superlative mentor who has brought forth the world of programming in much simpler and friendly collaborative way. I am so optimistic that learning under Shubham is a right step to reaching my goals. Gracias to the platform that made it possible.

Abdul Halim Giwa
- SI4DEV Nigeria

My name is Joan Obunge and I’m a web development student at Learning Lions Institute. Meeting with Abhishek, my mentor, has been the best opportunity in my career. He has helped me with my coding skills and I have learned many new things in programming languages and apart from that he has improved my business and communication skills. I would say that I admire his passion and willingness to help people like us achieve their dreams.

Joan Obunge
- Learning Lions Kenya

I am Kenechi, a mentee/student. I would love to confess that the classes with my mentor, Eraj Khan have been exceptional and intriguing. She is good and I believe achieving my goal will be a lot easier with her as my mentor.
My appreciation also goes to Mentor Without Borders for such a program.

Kenechi Ezeneche
- SI4DEV Nigeria

Since I started having different classes with teacher Prashant about how to make a website by using some computer languages like HTML and CSS with other different tags, by the first time I didn’t understand much, but through asking him different questions I felt very excited about what I was learning.

I always feel to appreciate teacher Prashant for his teaching methodology, he always inspires me. He used to ask some different questions to make sure if I understand what we learnt, he always encouraged me to ask him some questions I had through reading, he motivates me by giving some homework to cover for next session. He is really my friendly teacher.

Gratien Hitimana
- Les Enfants de Dieu Rwanda

The lessons have been a dream come true for me considering that I always wanted to learn programming. My mentor has been trying by all means to make me feel comfortable and it has been efficient with the aid of the relaxation methods. My goal is finally showing some clarity and hope. If it goes on this way, I will definitely be testifying something big in the coming time.

Allan Mabhena
- Makomborero Zimbabwe

My mentor, Zain has made my web development journey fun and interesting. Apart from learning technical coding skills from him, he's also been a source of encouragement to me whenever I'm down. My goal is to be a full stack web developer and Zain has done nothing less than to make sure I reach that goal.

Akinlolu David
- Solve Education!

I feel really great to be part of the MWB 2020 training. This training is more than ordinary data science learning for me personally because it involves practical applications, knowing the simple basic programming steps and teaches one how to handle pressure or relax when encountering difficult tasks to do. I also learn and relearn the magnitude of challenges one will face when solving coding but how one will relax the mind to be able to take unnecessary pressure out was the height of it for me. It wasn't an easy journey but I have a great Mentor who is so patient and able to carry me along. Thank you MWB for retooling my skills and it’s such a great privilege. Hopefully I can apply what I have learned and contribute my quota to my local community or Organization.

Abiodun Aina
- SI4DEV Nigeria

I am Omotayo Oluwaseun, a trainee on Web Development, with Mr. Deepak as my trainer/mentor.
I have been enjoying the training for the past one month plus now, spanning from the introduction to HTML, CSS, & JavaScript currently.

I have been practising all that I am learning & seeking for ways to know how to do better even as I look forward to other aspects of lectures/topics to come that will make me to know more on web development.

Also, I am learning the fast relaxation method when I am stressed or discouragement seems to set in.
I am very grateful to MWB, Mr Edmond & Mr Deepak for this great opportunity & avenue to learn.

Omotayo Bamidele Oluwaseun
- SI4DEV Nigeria

First of all I just want to thank Mentors Without Borders for giving us hope through the best mentors I have ever met, I am going well with my mentor. For sure I am not used to writing goals down and meditating or thinking about the positivity at the end of it. I am so glad that Ragu is so friendly especially when asking us questions about what we have learnt through the week. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given us.

Brandard Emuria
- Learning Lions Kenya

I am so proud to participate in the MWB program which gave me a great experience so far from scratch to somewhere in programming! In the beginning we had a hard time and we gave a lot of work to our teacher Mr Prashant as we didn't have any idea about programming (HTML, CSS and others), setting goals and how to plan consistently steps towards those goals! Big thanks to Mr Prashant for being patient! I still have the courage to reach to the end of the program and learn more for website development as my major goal and others! I thank MWB for this amazing opportunity which will shape our future and expose us into this advanced technology growing world day and night!

Charles Hazabintwali
- Les Enfants de Dieu Rwanda

My name is Bright Zenda and I got introduced to MWB a month ago, when I started my programming course. Without prior knowledge on the subject it hasn’t been easy but I am grateful for the great mentor I have. He is so understanding and has helped me so much already. I’m confident I will achieve my goal. Thank you MWB!

Bright Zenda
- Makomborero Zimbabwe

The training has been a very exciting one, my teacher Vaibhav has been very patient and understanding, taking the lessons one step at a time from known to unknown. I appreciate my instructor for his sacrifices and Edmond for his encouragement and motivation so far. Mentors Without Borders is doing a great job!

Monisola Aiyekusehin
- SI4DEV Nigeria

I am really grateful for all people who do tutorials, in any field, and post them on the internet for anyone to access with little or no charge. As awesome as that is, Mentors Without Borders goes an extra mile by providing real-time lessons with experienced volunteers from across the world. This provides me a platform to directly ask questions and ask for clarity whenever I get stuck. Moreover, doing lessons with someone who knows me at an individual level and actually cares about my progress has given me an incentive to put extra hours in learning programming during the week more than I did with randomly downloaded tutorials.

Rutendo Sibanda
- Makomborero Zimbabwe

I have been enjoying my lessons with my mentor. I didn’t know that programming was this interesting until I started working with my mentor (Malay) from Mentors Without Borders.

Most importantly, I have been writing down the steps to achieve my goal ever since I started my sessions with my mentor and I have realized that it is good to write down my goal and steps because by writing them down I get to visually see what I want to achieve and work towards it by following the steps I have written down.

I must say, I am very happy and excited about my future as a programmer.

Sisipho Makwetu
- Masinyusane South Africa

I have been enjoying the web development program of Mentors Without Borders, it is very interactive. My mentor Dibyanshu is a great communicator.

Isaac Eranga
- SI4DEV Nigeria

I am glad to be part of MWB, it’s been almost a month now since I started the sessions and mentorship journey with my mentor Shivam.

Working with Shivam has been really great and has added great impact to my life in terms of goal's pursuit and being resilient in coping up with the situations around as far as Covid pandemic is concerned.
For the past 3 weeks I have been able to learn new things like setting my goals and steps of achieving them. Goal setting process comprising of mental processing method, relaxation method and super focus method which have enabled me to acquire new ways and methods of working on my goals and so far it has seen me through achieving some of my short term goals.

I have begun coding classes too with Shivam now learning coding languages and website design and it’s been nice so far, I feel am growing and learning.

Meshack Toroitich
- Education for All Children Kenya

My mentor Utkarsh has been wonderful and very instrumental in helping me achieving my goals. He was able to transfer the knowledge of programming in a clear and simple way. My understanding of Java has greatly increased from zero to 5 on a scale of 10.

Philip Hegarty
- SI4DEV Nigeria

I have only had three programming sessions so far but I can now write the once foreign language as if it were my mother tongue. Programming is by no means easy but my mentor, Tarak Sharma, has the super power to explain complex things in the simplest manner possible. I enjoy our sessions together and I am anxious for each hectic week to end so that I can have another session. I feel like I am mastering the skills and I am getting closer to my goal but, with patience and experience, I can get better.

Noel Katsidzira
- Makomborero Zimbabwe

Through the Mentors Without Borders (MWB) programme, I (without prior knowledge of coding) am close to creating a static website after only a couple of sessions with my mentor; and I know it can only get better. The mentors are approachable and their genuine interest in your progress is palpable. Thumbs up, MWB!

Olusegun Ogunmola
- SI4DEV Nigeria

MWB is an outstanding educational and training firm. The organization's core values strengthen my ability to set achievable goals weekly and nurture me to develop the right mental state to achieve the goals. I am excited to say that MWB is here to build human capacity to the fullest.

Peter Olabanji
- Solve Education!

First of all I would like to thank all mentors for your time to help us to become programmers, especially Vingesh and Edmond more thanks. It was somehow hard to attend the sessions but according to your motivation which helps us to attend, we are now in another stage so thank you.

Almachius Munyaneza
- Les Enfants de Dieu Rwanda