Connecting mentors with young dreamers around the world

Who We Are
Mentors Without Borders stands as a vibrant community of passionate professionals, united in our commitment to inspire and empower young minds from around the globe. We believe in cultivating a love for the journey itself – the act of setting goals and tenaciously pursuing them in one's chosen field. It's our core belief that passion should fuel each step our students take, for it is passion that truly ignites efficiency and propels them towards achieving their dreams. We're not just teaching skills, we're nurturing potential and sparking a lifelong love for growth and learning.
Mentors 250+
Students 500+
Partner NGOs 30+
Students who have landed jobs 120+
Students getting closer to their goals 320+
Online courses
Our mentors are connecting with the students from our partner NGOs through the MWB Connect mobile app, and they are imparting essential 21st-century skills in various fields including:
  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Support
Achieving goals
With the help of the MWB Connect mobile app, our students also learn:
  • how to set very clear professional goals and pursue them with a lot of patience, joy and efficiency
  • how to relax efficiently whenever they encounter various negative states along the way
  • how to focus on each and every step that they are taking
Training centers
In collaboration with our partner NGOs, we are embarking on an ambitious project to establish a network of training centers throughout Africa and Asia. These centers will offer students the opportunity to learn from local instructors, while also benefiting from the guidance of remote mentors via the MWB Connect mobile app. Marking a significant milestone, the inaugural center was launched in December 2023 in Dzodze, Ghana in collaboration with Anchor of Hope Ghana.