Our mentors are passionate professionals who are helping underprivileged young people become passionate professionals themselves and this is what they had to say about the MWB training:

I am happy to have received the MWB training because it helped me recognize the best way to plan and execute my goals. As programmers, we already have the mental framework to think and act in a certain way so that we can be focused on our work. However it is a learned practice without any proper method or technique that you can transfer to someone else as knowledge and it might be difficult for some to discover on their own. This training provided me with that exactly: a well-thought-out and thorough step-by-step process that I could practice to better myself and to teach others as well.

Ratul Minhaz
- Pathao

Personally the MWB training has endowed me with more knowledge through the use of simple techniques that are helping me stay focused on how to go about the hard times when I really feel so down or have a lot of negative energy. The more I try these practices the more confidence I get to ferociously face my challenges as a programmer. Furthermore, being able to share this information with others brings joy to my heart as they also realize the usefulness of these techniques.
I believe that if we instill this education to the young children and youth, they will be able to consistently follow up on achieving their goals, whether in exams, career or anything else that they put their mind on to achieve.

Timothy Sebulime
- M & V Holding Ltd

The MWB training is actually unlike typical learning processes out there. It comes down to very simple and basic steps to always be in control of your state of mind and staying focused. I find the approach extremely easy and the results are incredible.

Oluwakamiye Adelemoni
- SafeBoda

I want to thank you very much for your training, it's very useful for me and I'm applying it in my work and my life as it taught me to not give up on my goals, especially the relaxation methods that I've learned. I want to give many thanks to Ms. Van who accompanied me.

Tran Quoc Ung
- Aureole IT Ltd

The MWB training for me came at a perfect time, a time when I was juggling many different projects at once. The relaxation method taught by MWB is a must try experience for everyone, I still use the method and my productivity has never been the same again.

Samuel Mutegi
- Infinicom Limited

It was a very nice experience doing the training with Van for how to enjoy pursuing my goals and how to stay focused even when things are not going as expected.
I use the techniques that I've learned from the training to make sure that I achieve both my short and similarly long term goals. It is a very solid training and will go a long way in helping you ensure you reach most of your goals in life.
What's even more awesome is that you get opportunities to train other individuals when you get more comfortable with the training yourself.

Kevin Gitonga
- Self-employed

The training sessions have really helped me get past the days when I feel I am not so motivated about pursuing my goals. So by exercising the relaxation methods I have been able to get myself back on track and keep working on my goals.

Andronicus Kim
- Data Integrated Limited

Before the MWB training I was having problems with my confidence because I thought I didn't have something that I could show to someone else and I also couldn't handle my negative emotions, which made me a bad-tempered person. After the training sessions I was able to know how to deal with my temper and I also started wondering what makes me limit myself.
Having gotten used to doing the exercises that I've learned, I now have much more confidence with what I have and what I know. Thanks to that I'm also a mentor of the mobile class in my college and I can also teach the students how to be positive and stay motivated in the programming world and in life in general.

Muhammad Syafrizal
- Workshop Riset Informatika

The whole learning experience is just great! I found the training essential in being focused towards achieving both long term goals and in day to day life. I am more confident and positive in the way I view my life now than before. In general the training was great, I was involved throughout and I confidently recommend to anyone.

Allan Kirui
- Freelance Software Developer

As a budding entrepreneur, ideas are my lifeline. I live by them. You can have an idea but if you don't act upon it, that is what it leaves you with: an idea. So how can you turn your idea into reality? You stop thinking and you act upon it. During my one month of training with Van of MWB, I learnt that our subconscious mind has 3 gifts: ideas, energy and confidence. Energy and confidence being the gifts that will enable you to act upon the idea. Very worthwhile training it was.

Alex Agaba
- One Design Ltd

The MWB sessions have helped me to improve my productivity when facing some challenges. By following simple steps they help me to calm down and focus on my work.

Lupyana Mbembati
- The Jenga Hub

The best way that leads you directly to success is having that simple daily habit that keeps building your skills and enhancing your abilities.
That is exactly what MWB is doing, and I see it's effective if you are asking me.

Ammar Atef
- TEA Computers